Windows PE PXE Boot Architecture Auto-Detection Using gpxelinux.0 From SYSLINUX

Here’s how I finally got architecture auto-detection for Windows PE working – using two separate TFTP servers, though, so it’s far from ideal. Start by cloning your tftpboot directory and configuration to a new TFTP server. Next, get a copy of syslinux-3.86 (while the syslinux website is apparently down, and has been for a few […]

Adding Microsoft Windows Deployments

This article assumes that you have already read and completed the instructions from my previous PXE-related posts. You might want to read them first. Of all of the network boot stuff I’ve done, setting up Windows PE to PXE boot using non-Microsoft solutions was by far the most challenging. Most of the instructions I found […]

Configuring DHCP and Basic PXELinux Setup

Note: these instructions assume that you have setup a TFTP server using the instructions in my previous post. You might want to go read that first. Configuring your DHCP server to support PXE booting is pretty straight-forward, especially for Microsoft DHCP servers. I’ll describe how to setup ISC DHCPD as well. With either server, you […]